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What Impact Does AI Have on VPN Technology?


Artificial intelligence is not something we can only see in dreams anymore. Nowadays, our lives are slowly starting to integrate with AI technologies that are proven to be helpful in dealing with certain tasks. When used properly, you can basically make your job lighter as you have AI tools by your side.


As the name tells you, AI is a made intelligence that can be improved further by constant training. The humans will train the AI by inputting the necessary information to make any correct guess and record it inside their “brain”. This continuous learning makes the AI become more and more relevant and up to a certain point, becomes self-sufficient.


This efficiency is then transferred, configured, and integrated into certain tools that may help us in our work. Now, did you know that AI is also included to be an important part of VPN development?

What’s the Impact of AI On VPN


When connecting the dots between AI and VPN, we’ll find that the development of VPN actually involves artificial intelligence. The AI is beneficial to increase the VPN’s accuracy to connect you to a suitable server. Plus, this technology is also useful to make users harder to track due to the increase in VPN’s protection performance.


Of course, when you compare it to black-hat hacking, AI is definitely less important as it can effectively be used as a means to enhance protection. Continuous learning and testing will make the AI “work” more effectively in creating a system that can be beneficial for many.


The result of AI testing is also the reason why most VPNs now may have 90% accuracy in terms of server location. The VPNs can pinpoint the server locations more accurately, while also being able to connect the users to those servers.



Did you know how VPNs work? They work by virtually placing you in a different location that could be far away from your actual address. This is definitely useful for those people suffering from the terrible geo-restrictions that limit their access to certain website content, even the safest ones.


Using VPN is often seen to be the most effective way as you basically only need to download a program on your phone, and use it to place yourself somewhere far away.


This function is, once again, tied with AI technology as it can effectively enhance the VPNs’ accuracy. That way, you can simply hop from one location to another with ease, without the need to worry about misplacement.


The highest VPN usage is often found in those countries that restrict outside content, like China, for example. Due to the geo-restriction and government rules about this, people there have no choice but to use a VPN to enjoy any content from outside their countries.


That way, they can enjoy even the basic services like PayPal, Amazon, or Google that are blocked there. As we mentioned above, when using a VPN, your connection is to be routed to a VPN server depending on his location. You can freely choose any available servers and “warp” there. That way, you can avoid any restrictions to access any content you wish to see.

Understanding The Security of AI and VPN


However, despite all the goodies we can get from the AI integration to VPN, there’s something you need to know. As the AI needs to learn using the surrounding data, that means even your personal data, can be used as a source of learning new things. Although the amount of data is insignificant, when combined with other pieces, it could be a way to reveal your persona.


And that’s actually the problem we often face on a daily basis now. The software you usually use also traces and tracks your activity and personal preferences. That’s why even when closing a retail app, you’ll still receive some ads related to products you like or put in the shopping basket.


Fortunately, we already have the solution now, which is the AI and VPN combo. As the VPN will mask your actual IP, apps or websites that try to track your browsing data will find it harder to do so. Thanks to the AI integration, VPNs may work much better in stopping any potentials of breaching.


Understanding how hard and harmful the virtual environment outside, it’d be best for you to have an VPN around. It’s certainly useful to protect yourself from any malicious attempts that could pose a huge loss in reputation and finance.


As the AI needs to continuously learn in the same way we do, it’s easy to say that it will become a more important part in the future. Seeing the potential, it’s definitely possible to see its applications in any kinds of industries, including the vital ones. However, do note that the AI also needs to use resources to learn.



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