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What Is A Key Differentiator Of Conversational Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Brain

What Is A Key Differentiator Of Conversational Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Brain



Conversational Artificial Intelligence is applied properly so that it can recognize the user’s speech, text, and intent. It reacts in a way that imitates an exact human conversation.


The inbuilt technology of conversational AI can enhance customer experience and generate communication naturally. It can be effective and allows you to better understand your customer.


Conversational AI supports the ability of machines so that they can engage with customers’ intent quickly. It breaks down the bridge between machines and humans by merging linguistics with data.


Conversational AI has expanded its capacity in the current age, and communication with machines is no longer repetitive or confusing as in the past. You may have wondered who first invented AI? The answer is that the father of Artificial intelligence is John McCarthy.


What Is Conversational AI?

Conversation AI is an advanced technology used by virtual sectors to generate conversations with users. By using data and imitating human communication, conversational AI software helps computerized systems talk with humans in a more natural manner.


The technology of conversation AI uses the customer’s choice-able words, sentence structure, and the same tonality as humans to process a text for a website. It is based on natural language processing. The short form of it is NLP.


NLP is a subdivision of Artificial Intelligence that breaks down conversations into small fragments. That is why computers analyze the meaning of the text like humans.


Top Benefits of Conversational AI

Below we have discussed the top benefits of conversational AI.


1) A virtual agent that is powered by conversational AI can understand the user’s intention effectively. Conversational AI directs the consumers to the team or agent that can help them and not send them to the wrong department.


2) Natural language processing in conversational AI assists in restricting user frustration and can improve customer experience.


3) A virtual agent/assistant can respond to the user’s text in different languages. Removing the language barrier from the marketing funnel improves the international support teams.


4) The ability to navigate and improve the natural flow of conversation are the major advantages of conversational AI.


5) Conversational AI can improve consumers’ pain points, questions, and concerns. It is a better understanding of how your target audience will respond to your product or service.


The Key Differentiator Of Conversational AI


The abilities of conversational AI are different from traditional chatbots. The use of the branch named natural language processing (NLU) is the main technology which distinguishes AI from traditional chatbots.

What is the key differentiator of Con. AI?(DONE)

1) Set Your Mind Like Your Agent

While you are designing conversational AI, you have to put yourself in the shoes of your agents. In those memes, you have to understand how your agent will respond or how they would say the questions of consumers.


Understanding the feelings of agents to the audiences and how people will feel about working with/him is essential for designing a useful chatbot experience.


It would be great if you could add intelligence to your chatbot to feel like a human. So your chatbot can understand the meaning of the human.


2) Emotional And Behavioural Awareness

For example: if you are angry and want to know, steer clear of controversial topics that could make you upset or lead to an argument. Conversational AI can help you to relieve stress and can manage your anxiety.


When you are counselling a person, it can guide you toward common goals. People love conversational AI because it will guide you more as an experience than a conversation.


It has behavioural and emotional awareness quality, which tends to make users think that they are communicating with a human.


3)Enabling Actual Conversations

Users can engage using their preferred channel through SMS, Facebook Messenger, Google Home, Alexa, etc., and they gain consistent experience across all channels.


Conversational AI is also a cross-channel; users don’t have to leave their preferred channel for anyone if they want more information and service.


4) Open Channel For Communication

There is only one way to communicate with conversational AI, but it can be used from anywhere and doesn’t require any additional steps.


New customers can reach out to you via text, voice, and touch from any media they prefer. If the customers prefer all channels simultaneously, they also connect with agents via conversational AI.


According to the user’s experience, conversational AI is more natural than traditional bots, which are more awkward and assertive.


Being an owner of a virtual business, you don’t want potential customers to feel like they are purchasing your product forcibly. Rather you have to be aware that the customers who are communicating naturally with virtual agents via conversational AI cares about your products.


Last Words:


Apart from the above-mentioned factors, conversational AI is very helpful and different from traditional chatbots. Before the age when traditional chatbots were the only way to communicate with a virtual agent, at that time, they felt very hopeless.


In this case, conversational AI helps to remove anxiety and increase the overwhelm towards your business.


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