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What is the Cost to Hire Mobile App Developers in Dubai?


Increased demand for the latest apps propels smartphone technology to new heights. Daily operations are becoming more convenient and user-friendly thanks to mobile apps. In recent years, an increasing number of people have turned to handheld devices to find even the most mundane information, such as where to eat or how to paint a wall. Dubai residents spend three hours per day on their smartphones. In Dubai, the demand for mobile apps is at an all-time high. By 2022, there will be 4.82 million smartphone users.

Are you looking for a reasonable price to develop a mobile app in Dubai? App development costs in Dubai range from $25K to $50K. Hire a Mobile App Development Company in Dubai  that has the expertise to create apps based on the client’s conceptual needs.


App development costs vary depending on the type of app

  • App for Static Information

A simple app can display static information. By simply adding a hyperlink to the app, the cost of creating such basic apps is under $20,000. Screenings are limited to 6-10 people, and there is no server connection in the app. Basic apps are created quickly with no backend requirements. The user interface and intuitive design make it simple for users to check information. When information and servers must be updated, the cost of static apps can exceed $20,000.

  • Mobile E-Commerce App

With the growing popularity of online shopping, e-commerce mobile app development in Dubai is becoming increasingly popular. The Mobile E-commerce app includes inventory display, user registration, account management, a payment gateway, and a secure system. The cost of developing an e-commerce app in Dubai ranges between $25K and $50K, with a development time of 3 to 6 months. Do you require any customization in the development of an e-commerce app? Including novel features raises the cost and duration of developing E-Commerce apps.

  • Mobile Applications with Multiple Users

Multi-user mobile apps are becoming increasingly common. Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Whatsapp are examples of multi-user apps. Developers place a strong emphasis on creating multi-user apps with extensive features, design, and development. As a result, the initial investment in developing multi-user apps is $35,000. The price will rise as more features are added to the app. It is necessary to create an online platform with real-time chat functionality.

  • Apps for Playing Games

By 2027, the growth rate of gaming apps in Dubai is expected to reach 40%. With a revenue of $288 million in 2022, the game app growth rate was 37%. Gaming apps are in high demand, according to market trends. Such apps are built using highly complex programming concepts ranging from storyboard creation to animation. The creation of gaming apps in Dubai necessitates knowledge in a variety of fields. A 2-dimensional app costs $40K-$70K and takes 3 to 6 months to develop. However, the cost of developing a 3-D game app will most likely exceed $70,000, with a development time of 8 months.

  • Managing Business Process Applications

Mobile apps for business processes must be developed in order to streamline business processes. These business management apps are used by commercial organisations. CRM is a classic example of a business process app (Customer Relationship Management). Because developing business process apps necessitates a high level of specialisation, they are costly. The cost of developing a workforce management app ranges between $25K and $50K. For complex programming, an app developer in Dubai charges around $30-$40 per hour.

  • Apps for User Productivity

Smartphones are becoming ubiquitous in this day and age. Almost everyone nowadays has access to a mobile phone. As a result, the demand for productivity-enhancing apps grew over time. Software developers demonstrate their willingness to devote time to developing user productivity apps such as Evernote, Dropbox, and Email. People can manage their work more easily by using such apps on their smartphones. These apps offer seamless synchronisation as well as a variety of user-defined options. For such apps, the mobile app development cost ranges between $20K and $30K. Apps with limited features take 1 to 3 months to develop.

  • Apps for the Mobile Market

Apps like Uber and Bird are examples of marketplace mobile apps. Native features such as location sharing, payment integration, and a chat system are required for such apps. Creating marketplace mobile apps is a complicated process with numerous features. For marketplace app development, iOS and Android app development costs in Dubai range from $25K to $70K. Typically, such apps are created in 3 to 9 months.

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Components Required for the Development of Mobile Apps

A number of factors contribute to the smooth development of apps and the timely delivery of apps to clients.

  • Define the app’s goals.

Every app is born from an idea. Create some creative app development ideas. Refine it until you have an interesting app concept. Consider asking the client about their app development goals and mindset as you speak with them about app development. Keep the client informed of the company’s mobile app maintenance services.

  • App Layout Capabilities

When developing a mobile app, it is critical to consider the functionality of the app layout. Ask the client if visual elements should be included as the app structure is being developed. This step includes a list of app design guidelines, templates, a UI kit, and visual guidelines for user interfaces. The layout features of the app will have a direct impact on its functionality and usability.

  • Wireframes

The functionality of the app is demonstrated by wireframes and app documentation. The procedure begins with detailed sketches that aid in determining whether or not there are any usability issues. Creating a sketch entails communicating and debating the app development process. The final step after sketching is to create a wireframe, which can help refine the ideas and design elements used to develop the app.

  • Front and backend app development

Front-end and back-end development both contribute significantly to the app’s visual appeal. In Dubai, the startup costs for app development are relatively low. The price range changes only for bug fixes, so the app’s functionality is unaffected.

  • Application testing

App testing is an essential component of the development process. Testing is critical for determining whether any changes to the app are required. App development is not a time-consuming process, regardless of how many features you include. However, if a bug occurs in an app, it is difficult to fix. This testing process allows the testing and app development teams to go over the original designs. The team can determine whether or not changes are required.

Final Takeaway

The cost of mobile app development in Dubai is determined by the app type, duration, budget, features, and app platform. Hire a mobile app development company in Dubai that can handle simple to complex programming processes. Customers will want feature-rich mobile apps that allow them to perform tasks based on their needs. With so many apps being released on a daily basis, it can be difficult to determine which is the best app development company to work with.

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  • How long does it take to create a mobile application?

The timeline for app development is determined by factors such as budget, app type, features, and app platform. If the MVP is already in place, adding new features to the app does not take long. It takes 1 to 3 months to develop a basic app. A complex app, on the other hand, can take up to ten months to develop.

  • How much does it cost to keep an application running?

To determine maintenance costs, add 30% to 40% to the total app development costs. The cost depends on the complexity of the app, the server, and the company’s location. The client can contact the IT company to discuss the cost and budget for app development based on the requirements. It includes the cost of a Dubai app developer to maintain and fix bugs in the app.

  • How much does it cost to have an app displayed in the Google Play and Apple Stores?

Google and Apple follow their respective app renewal policies. You must pay $25 to have the app displayed on the Google Play Store. There is a 15% charge for app earnings of $1 million or less, and a 30% charge for earnings of $1 million or more. To display apps on the Apple Store, you must pay a $99 renewal fee.

  • How much does it cost to create an app in Dubai?

The basic cost of app development in Dubai begins at $25,000. Again, the cost of developing an Android or iOS app starts at $30,000.


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