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What is the Difference between List and Tuples?

Do you want to know the exact difference between Tuple and List in python? Well, before we talk about the difference between both just have a quick look at the role of tuple and lists in python.

The list is the most strong and beneficial tool in python that does not need to be always homogenous like other languages. This tool is mainly utilized to store an ordered collection of various items, which might be similar. A list includes strings, integers, and objects. To create a list all the elements should be placed inside square brackets and separated by commas. On the other side in the python programming, tuples is a series of fixed python objects that is almost similar to list as they both are used in similar situations but yet there are some specific differences that must be discussed.

Let’s check out the key differences between tuple and list

To know about the exact difference between both just look out the list below:

Tuples are generally used for different data types, while lists are used for similar data types

Tuples are fixed and faster than with a list

Lists cannot be used for dictionary yet due to the immutable items, a tuple can be utilized as a key for the dictionary

Tuples use less memory and lists use more memory

In tuple, you cannot delete an element but in the list you can do it easily

One can not sort the tuple but in the lists it is possible

In tuple, you can find items using the index function

While working with tuples you cannot add elements but in the list, you can

The replacement of element in the tuple is also not possible but in the list there is nothing like that

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