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What is the differnce between Generative and Discrimination models?

Generative Model

A Generative Model ‌learns the joint probability distribution p (x, y). It predicts the conditional probability with the help of Bayes Theorem. A Generative Model ‌explicitly models the actual distribution of each class.

Generative classifiers

  • Assume some functional form for P(Y), P(X|Y)
  • Estimate parameters of P(X|Y), P(Y) directly from training data
  • Use Bayes rule to calculate P (Y |X)

Generative classifiers examples

  • ‌Naïve Bayes
  • Bayesian networks
  • Markov random fields
  • ‌Hidden Markov Models (HMM)

Discriminative Model

A Discriminative model ‌models the decision boundary between the classes. A Discriminative model ‌learns the conditional probability distribution p (y |x).

Discriminative Classifiers

  • Assume some functional form for P(Y|X)
  • Estimate parameters of P(Y|X) directly from training data

Discriminative Classifiers

  • ‌Logistic regression
  • Scalar Vector Machine
  • ‌Traditional neural networks
  • ‌Nearest neighbor
  • Conditional Random Fields (CRF)s

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