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Which AI software’s can secure your MacBook?


Most people think that they do not need antivirus software for their Mac. Although it is a fact that Mac devices are less likely to be infected with malware and viruses, however, they are not immune. For instance, Mac devices can be used for targeting users using other platforms. Additionally, it is also possible that they can be infected by things such as password theft, ransomware, and stolen iPhone backups.


Although compared to other operating systems, macOS is much safer because of its effective built-in security solutions, but keep in mind that cybercriminals are also continuously developing new threats that could affect Mac devices. That is why it is important that you should have an additional layer of protection such as really good antiviruses for Mac (free and paid). There is a lot of great antivirus software out there that can help in protecting your Mac devices. Having an excellent antivirus software can help in blocking ransomware, catching malware, preventing your Mac from being a virus carrier, and protecting older systems. To obtain the most effective and highly advanced cybersecurity solutions, the following systems are using AI or Artificial Intelligence technology.




One of the best AI-powered antivirus software for securing your Mac is Bitdefender since it provides excellent protection against any Mac-related threats on the internet. Bitfender can safeguard you against a variety of attacks including adware, ransomware, malware, etc. One of its best features is Time Machine Protection (TMP), which is uncommon in other Mac antivirus software. With TMP, you can ensure that all of your backed-up files are safe in case there is a ransomware attack. 


Is your Mac infected with malware? Bitdefender combines different technologies to provide you with increased protection, making it an all-around and excellent malware protection software. Despite having all of these top features, you can guarantee that it won’t affect the performance or speed of your Mac. It also provides cross-platform detection capabilities which automatically check all types of malware, so you can safely share files with those who are using other operating systems. Also, unauthorized access to your confidential files can be prevented by the Safe Files feature.




Intego is considered one of the most well-experienced companies out there when it comes to Mac antivirus software. With the VirusBarrier, you can guarantee that you are always safe since it offers real-time protection. It scans the files and programs that you are currently accessing. It can also prevent PC-based malware from spreading to other devices.


One of the company’s top software is Intego Mac Internet Security. It gives you the chance to choose the type of scan that you want. Although the first scan might be a bit slower, however, the subsequent scans will already be faster since it uses smart file-caching technology wherein it only scans the files that you’ve recently added or modified. Another excellent feature of Intego’s software is its Mac’s firewall since it permits you to choose your location to suit the threat level. For instance, you can choose to disable incoming Local Connections.




Another top-notch AI-powered antivirus software that you can use for your Mac is Webroot. By implementing AI-powered cybersecurity, you can always stay safe online. It is considered as one of the fastest that is currently available on the market right now. It is highly recommended due to its effective anti-malware capabilities. Aside from being user-friendly, it also comes with various features so you can always keep your Mac protected. It can protect your devices against ransomware, spyware, webcam hacks, malware, phishing, keylogger, etc.


Furthermore, Webroot relies on metadata and behavioral patterns to prevent any incoming attacks. Instead of terminating those threat files, Webroot will block and quarantine them once they are detected. When it comes to complex calculations, the company utilizes cloud computing, which means that there is only a minimal impact on the system.


NordVPN Threat Protection


If you want to protect your Mac devices against malware, ransomware, and other types of viruses, then you should get NordVPN Threat Protection. Even if you are not using a VPN, you can always have peace of mind if you use NordVPN Threat Protection. The software will scan the files you downloaded and deletes any threats once they are detected. It uses a smart system that can safeguard users even if they have committed some mistakes. For instance, it will immediately block you from accessing malicious websites.


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