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WhiteHat Jr brings the world's 1st AI and ML courses for Kids (i2tutorials)

WhiteHat Jr brings the world’s 1st AI and ML courses for Kids

We thought that Artificial Intelligence is been studied only after secondary education, but now it can be even studied at schooling level said by , EdTech startup WhiteHat Jr. today announced its plans to bring their artificial intelligence and robotics coding curriculum to schools across the country. 

Coding and artificial intelligence has gained immense interest amongst schools in recent times, not just for future-proofing the next generation, but also as a result of government policy. Even Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) decided to include artificial intelligence in their syllabus for students from class 8 to 10 as an optional subject and coding is quickly spreading as a viral phenomenon amongst kids across the country.

 In the first model, the company will license their curriculum to schools where they will train teachers on the curriculum and on how to best deliver it to students. 

In the second model, the EdTech startup will supplement the school’s existing computer science class and teach students in the schools’ computer labs via 1:1 live, online classes.

In the third model, WhiteHat Jr. will help schools form post-school coding clubs and conduct coding classes to complement their existing computer science curriculum.

Learning coding and AI from a young age will soon become a culture. We are in the age of collaboration and integration in which they are essential skills to make our students future-ready and should be taught right from an early age. The concepts must be introduced in the foundational years like recognition of alphabets, numbers and phonics said by Mrs. Kajal Chhatija, Principal, Global Talent International School.

Where, WhiteHat Jr has also rolled out a program where top 1% of kids on the platform will have a chance to get an all-expense paid trip along with one of their parents to Silicon Valley to be mentored by top entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

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