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Why Recruiters Need Applicant Tracking System


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Using an ATS can be the best policy for the HR team, and thus, there is the best applicant tracking system for HR in every company. The HR team of the company is one of the most hardworking teams in the company. They already have a lot of work related to every department on their shoulders. 

In such situations, the company needs to think about them and invest in a good ATS for HR. An applicant tracking system made for an HR team shares more core features than a standard ATS. It may also include specialized features to fit the HR team’s smooth functioning. 

Still confused and want to know more? Worry not! In this blog, we will find out the best applicant tracking system for HR. But before we move forward with this, let us take a look at the basics and understand what an ATS for the HR team is.


What is an ATS for the HR team?

An ATS for the HR team is a hiring solution that allows to streamline and enhance the hiring process for the HR team. Thus, this applicant tracking system is built especially for human resource professionals. 

So, this software allows the HR team to make targeted job postings on various platforms and change the strategies from time to time. Thus, the human resources ATS systems allow better customization of features for the team. 

This is what an ATS for the HR team is. Further, let us take a look at the importance of an ATS system for the HR team.


Why is an ATS system important for the HR team? 

An ATS is important for many reasons for the HR team. This is because an ATS reduces the burden of a lot of clerical work related to the hiring process. It is important because it – 

  • Streamlines the entire hiring process

Every best applicant tracking system for HR allows the team to ease the entire hiring process. It not only speeds up the hiring process but also does it accurately. This allows the team to reduce the time and effort needed in doing the administrative tasks and utilize it in the strategic aspect of recruitment. 

  • Centralizes candidate data

The ATS centralizes the candidate’s data, making it easy for the team to search, access, and review the candidate. Thus, this ensures no candidate is left unreviewed and improves the organization of the candidate data. It also helps in easy accessibility for all the members. 

  • Offer collaboration tools

The best applicant tracking system for HR consists of various collaboration tools that allow the HR team members to access the data all at once. This means every team member can review these candidates and leave small notes on them if needed. This helps in better time management and avoids miscommunication. 

  • Improves candidate experience 

Candidate experience plays an important role in today’s hiring process. Because the candidates can easily post reviews of your company and share their experience, improving candidate experience will help the company build an image and attract worthy candidates easily. Moreover, candidates hold fewer grudges against the company if they have good experience and are not selected. 

  • Reduces clerical errors

There is no human being who is flawless, and neither are the HR team members. At times, the team might make unwanted errors that can cause difficulty. Thanks to the best applicant tracking system for HR, you will get accurate record-keeping and other statistics. 

  • Enables automatic resume parsing 

One of the important tasks of the HR team includes shortening the resumes and storing them. Thanks to applicant tracking systems made for HR teams, these tasks get completed automatically. The ATS has strong built-in tools that parse the resumes in seconds. Also, it stores them in a synchronized way so that they can be accessed easily. 

This is why an ATS is so important for the HR team of the company. Moving forward, in the next section, let us take a look at how to find the best ATS for HR.



Human resources recruiting agencies, also referred to as HR recruiting agencies, assist companies and candidates in recruitment and talent acquisition. In addition, they are among the largest utilizers of ATS. This is so because finding top talents with the ATS is easy. According to a LinkedIn survey, 62% of hiring teams identify more talented applicants through sourcing than inbound applications.


How to find the best applicant tracking system for HR? 

This is how you can find the best ATS for your HR team: 

  • Understand your needs 

When selecting candidates, it is essential to understand company needs as well as the HR team’s needs. These may include the size of the company, the type of candidates that a company wants to hire at any given time, the recruitment process followed by a company, and even workflow in companies.

  • Do your research 

Finding the best applicant tracking system for HR can be easy if you take the help of fellow users. Thus, while choosing an ATS, read the reviews of other users and understand the pros and cons that ATS has. Also, compare various ATS to each other for better understanding. 

  • Consider your budget

Budgets can be a tight trap for you, especially if you have a start-up or small business. Thus, define your budget first and then search for an applicant tracking system for HR. This is because every ATS charges differently on a different basis. Hence, try to understand what way of charge your company can afford and choose accordingly. 

  • Customer support

No matter how skilled your HR team is, they might need customer support at a stage of the process. In this situation, it is best to look for an ATS that has a good customer support system. Moreover, many ATS have 24/7 customer service and chatbots for continuous communication. This helps in quick problem-solving. 

  • Mobile versions 

Now, this might sound minimal, but it plays an important role for the HR team. Thus, while choosing the best applicant tracking system for HR, remember to check whether they have a mobile version along with a cloud-based or not. This helps the HR team to work and access the candidate data from anywhere with the help of their mobiles. 

Thus, this is how you can find the best applicant tracking system for HR. Further, let us take a look at the best ATS for the HR teams.


Which are the top 7 best applicant tracking systems for HR?

It can be quite difficult to identify the best applicant tracking system for HR team of the company. Every ATS has multiple features, but the following ATS systems have apt features that will support the HR team of your company. They are:

  • Pitch N Hire 

Pitch N Hire is the best applicant tracking system for HR team of your company. Why? You must be thinking. Well, because this software not only helps in acquiring the best talent but in building superior teams for the company. Also, it provides various customizations, branded career pages, interview modules, etc — at a price that suits you well!

  • PinPoint 

Pinpoint is a highly integrable applicant tracking system and can integrate with platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, zoom, workday, and many more. This helps in better collaboration between the HR team members. This makes it a suitable applicant tracking system for HR for collaborative tools. 

  • TalentReef 

Talentreef is well-known in the USA for easing the overall hiring process for the company. Thus, it helps in recruiting, onboarding, and hiring candidates. These tasks take a lot of time for the HR team if done manually. Thus, it helps in saving precious time for the team. 

  • Manatal

Manatal has an easy-to-use as well as practical interface. Thus, the team members need less time to adapt to the working of this ATS software. This makes it the best applicant tracking software for HR for having a simple interface. Moreover, it has built-in CRM tools too!

  • Teamtailor 

Teamtailor allows the HR team to track the candidates through the recruitment process. Also, it has features to arrange bulk candidate actions and streamline the hiring process. It also has advanced filtering and searching tools that help to find the best candidates according to the categories. 

  • Trackstar 

Trackstar provides extensive collaborative tools that allow the HR team to communicate with each other effectively. Moreover, it allows the HR team to post job vacancies across multiple social media platforms and job boards. Also, they are more scalable as they have a feature where you can post vacancies in bulk. 

  • ClearCompany

ClearCompany is well-known for having a mobile version. They have an interview package along with a ClearText suite. This provides features like text-to-apply, where the candidate can easily apply. Moreover, the HR team can bulk-text with numerous readymade templates for the same. This helps to save a lot of time for the HR team.



An applicant tracking system is important to share the workload of the HR team of the company. The HR team is foremost the busiest in the company, and hence, it is important to find the best applicant tracking system for HR. The reason? Well, because it helps to optimize the clerical work in the hiring process and helps them concentrate on hiring strategy rather than on clerical work. So, why hold back? Get started now with the above-mentioned ATS!


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